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Hey! My name's Sarah Noelle, I am 24 years old and I live in Nottingham. I am an exhausted Primary School Teacher who spends too much money on glitter eye shadow and bold lipsticks which are much too garish for work. When I've marked all those books and done all of my planning I love to escape into the fun world of Beauty and Fashion! I spent my childhood devouring Vogue and my teens glued to Blogs and Youtube Channels always wanting to join the club, so I did! I'm not a makeup artist, I'm not a stylist but what I am is your every day girl who has spent exorbitant amounts of money on the fun and frivolous! I dress up, I dress down, I glam up and I slob out. What I hope to bring is an escape to the dims of rainy weather and mountainous workloads....

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